Our Vision

Committed to providing integrated and energy-saving extraction technology to promote the healthy transformation from plants to people

Who We Are

We have 30 years of extraction technology experience, providing market-leading product development and healthy, safe, and efficient plant extractions

Since the establishment of the company, our unremitting research and development focus has enabled our customers to discover ingredients that have a positive effect on human health from plant preparations. The core motivation of our team is to believe in the power of plants and plant medicine. Meanwhile, we believe that we will have the opportunity in the plant industry to change human health and well-being through plants.

We can only succeed if the customer succeeds.

So we attach great importance to establishing successful long-term relationships with customers, helping customers expand production needs, improve product purity, and bottom line. We have proven this many times by minimizing downtime, increasing output, and reducing extraction time.

Our Clients Say It Best

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