Ethanol Extraction, Recovery & Distillation Systems

Ethanol extraction is one of the safest methods for extracting hemp/plant materials as well as the most scalable plan for your business. We offer a fully automated processing line for CBD oil extraction.

Increase Processing Capacity With Less Time And Labor

Hamho Innovative Falling Film Evaporator maintains a high-volume recovery rate and makes your production green by recovering the solvent and eliminating the need for multiple rotary evaporator systems.

FFE Models

•120℃ Operational evaporator temperature

•Made with Sanitary stainless steel

•Tempered and reinforced sight glass

•Innovative compact design

Accessories: Two Solvent Tanks with Moving Tray, 3 pcs 5-Meter-long pipe with quick connectors, 2 pcs 2-Meter-long pipe with clamps, 2 pcs 5-Meter-long with flange, 2 pcs 5 Meter pipe with an adapter.

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